Physikus-Award 2017


REO AG has awarded the Physics-Award to four graduates of the Gymnasium Schwertstraße


Also this year, the Solingen electrical engineering company REO AG awarded 4 physics students at the Gymnasium Schwertstraße with the Physics-Award for special achievements in physics. The price has been awarded since 2009 by REO AG. He is awarded this year with a total of 2,350 Euro prize money.


The award of the physics prize, sponsored by REO AG, took place on July 1, 2017 within the framework of the high school graduation ceremony of the Gymnasium Schwertstraße in Solingen. The Solingen company REO AG has already awarded the award for the 9th time to high school graduates with the physics subject. The coveted physics prize is endowed with a total of 2,350 euros this year. Through this award, young people are to be motivated for the natural sciences and engineering sciences.


As a global manufacturer of electrotechnical components and electronic devices, REO AG also relies on young professionals and wants to keep the interest in young people from Solingen in physics, mathematics and engineering sciences.


The four lucky winners of this year's REO Physics Prize are Philipp Nguyen (gold, 1,000 euros), Carina Rothweiler (silver, 750 euros) and Felix Schlieter / Daniel Rempel (bronze, 300 euros).

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