PLC-filter and circuit filter


(CNW 161*)

REO PLC- and circuit filter

for use with Powerline Communication (PLC) disturbances


PLC filters are successfully used against Powerline Communication (PLC) or radio frequency disturbances. Here the normal grid frequency of 50/60 Hz is overlapped by data in terms of higher frequencies.
Through the multiple use of existing grids, these transfer methods are considered as quickly and cost-effectively feasible.

The high frequency signal in the grid can cause disturbances in modern devices leading to impairments. The PLC filter provides a good solution. Furthermore, the PLC filter increases the emission of RF signals via network.



  • Ripple control signal
  • Disturbances of Powerline Communication (PLC)
  • Smart meter
  • Disturbances on LED lighting in cause of PLC signals
  • Background noises on radios and televisions
  • RFID (radio-frequency-identification)- applications
  • Disturbing dLan



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*Customer-specific changes possible









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