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The REOhm braking, damping and charging resistors are characterised by a high degree of functional safety and a long life.
REO braking resistor wires are wound on a frame and enscapsulated. This provides a very high degree of mechanical protection and no susceptibility to vibrations and oscillations.This construction enables the resistor to absorb higher pulse loads and store them temporarily. 
Our resistors are available with protection ratings up to IP65.

Damping- and charging resistors are used to damp over-voltages or to dissipate excess energy which occurs, for example, on braking or starting up. Applications can be found in railway engineering, electric vehicles or commercial vehicles.

Liquid-cooled resistors - compared to air-cooled resistors - can minimize the size up to 80%.

- Compact resistors
- Liquid cooled resistors
- Damping and charging resistors
- Resistors for aggressive environments
- Register Resistors
- Individual special solutions


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