Controladores de potencia de tiristor monofásicos regulados


Los reguladores de potencia de tiristor monofásicos están concebidos para aplicaciones en la industria de procesos, especialmente en instalaciones térmicas.

Los reguladores de tiristor pueden funcionar en el modo de control de ángulo-fase o de grupos de periodos y cuentan con reguladores internos de tensión, corriente y potencia.


    Thyristor controller

    • Tensión de entrada: 230 / 400 V AC +/-10 %
    • Tensión de salida: 0...Ue V
    • Corriente de salida: max. 300 A
    • Conmutable tensión de entrada: 230 - 400 V
    REOTRON MEW series, single-phase, microprocessor-based, thyristor-controllers are suitable for resistive or resistive/inductive loads, especially those with a high Rcold / Rwarm coefficient. Status relays indicate unit ready and fault conditions. Depending on settings, the controller normally operates on the phase-angle principle (standard setting). It can also be used in a burst-fire mode. Phase-angle mode the unit works as a regulator for RMS current, RMS voltage or power. Adjustment is variable.

    External setpoint signals can be used for controlling current, voltage and power or potentiometers may be used instead. A serial RS232, PROFIBUS-DP field bus

    interface can be used for remote adjustment. All unit settings can be made through the controller?s front-panel, using a LED display and keypad In theThe proportional regulation.



    • Industrial ovens

    • Steam generators

    • Lighting systems

    • Infra-red dryers

    • Pre-heating equipment

    • Heating and ventilating equipment 

    • Heating tunnels

  • REOTRON EW 514

    Single-phase thyristor power regulator

    • Tensión de entrada: 230 V + 6% / - 10%
    • Tensión de salida: 0...230 V
    • Corriente de salida: 6 A

    The REOTRON EW 514 is a single-phase thyristor power regulator for load currents up to 6 A.

    The control electronics are isolated from the mains voltage. Load power is controlled by means of thyristors operated in the phase-angle control mode. The setpoint signal can be provided either by a potentiometer, or by a 0…+ 10 VDC or a 0(4)…20 mA control signal. Matching of load power to the required setpoint range is effected by internal trimmer potentiometers for Umin/Umax. Remote control of the unit is possible by means of an enable/inhibit input.
    Variation of the mains supply are compensated by an internal control circuit.

    The unit is mounted to a 35 mm rail to DIN EN 50 022.

  • REOTRON EW 509

    Thyristor power regulator

    REOTRON EW 509
    • Tensión de entrada: 230 / 400 V + 6% / - 10%
    • Tensión de salida: 0...Ue V
    • Corriente de salida: 15 A

    The range of REOVIB System 500 modules comprises phase-angle controllers for vibratory feeders and a timer module used with systems that have track control.
    The REOVIB 509 is designed for controlling bowl or linear feeders up to 15 A current rating. The output frequency 50Hz/100Hz (60Hz/120Hz) is selected to suit the feeder. In the regulation circuit there is built-in compensation for mains variations. The feed rate setpoint can be derived from a potentiometer, a voltage signal 0...+10 VDC or a current signal 0...20 mA. The setpoint range can be linearised by means of two trimmers Umin/Umax.

    Furthermore, an enable input is provided for start/stop operation and there is a control input for use with a track control module (REOVIB 513).
    Fixings are provided for DIN rail mounting according to EN 50022-35.