Alimentaciones de tensión regulables y constantes

fuentes de alimentación de alta tensión de ca y cc, alimentaciones de corriente trifásica y equipos de laboratorio de REOLAB

Las fuentes de alimentación de REO están libres de perturbaciones electromagnéticas y satisfacen las directivas CE vigentes (EN 61558-2-14 o la norma VDE más antigua 0552).

Los equipos de comprobación de REO se utilizan en campos de ensayos, laboratorios de desarrollo, institutos, escuelas y universidades así como en la industria y en todas las estaciones móviles. Para la reproducibilidad de las comprobaciones es indispensable una corriente sinusoidal limpia. REO ofrece, entre otras cosas, fuentes de alimentación de tensión de CA y CC, fuentes de alimentación de alta tensión y fuentes de alimentación de corriente trifásica que están concebidos para tensiones de hasta 15 kV y para corrientes de hasta 30 KA.

  • REOLAB 310

    Three-phase supply with autotransformers

    REOLAB 310
    • Corriente de salida: 10 - 100 A


    This is the ideal answer for every laboratory requiring a variable voltage source with manual or automatic adjustment and simultaneous voltage stabilization.

  • REOLAB 220

    Variable and constant high-current supply Test station for switching devices

    REOLAB 220
    • Tensión de entrada: 230/400 V / 3 x 230/400 V
    • Tensión de salida: 0...10 V / 3 x 0...10 V
    • Gama de frecuencias: 50/60 Hz

    REO high-current supplyies are used wherever DUTs, with several thousand amperes have to be tested,
    particulary switching devices, fuses, cables, etc.

    The test items are thermally heated and tested in long duration tests under nominal conditions.
    Tests with defined overloaded curves can also be made.

    Traditional voltage adjustments with variable transformers ensure that the input signal is passed through to the output as a clean sinus.
    Thus, tests with any current value can be sinusoidally tested and reproduced at any time.

    The control of the high-current supplyies is electronically performed with the result that an accuracy of < 0.5% is achieved.In addition, the control can be integrated into custemers laboratory networks via different BUS systems.

  • REOLAB 320

    REO three-phase AC - High voltage supply galvanically isolated from mains

    REOLAB 320


    For endurance tests up to 5 kV, the high-voltage supply with galvanic isolation provides the entire power supply for test fields of quality assurance.


    •     Circuit breaker with magnetic and thermal tripping in the mains input

    •     Main contactor for switching the transformers in operation

    •     Emergency stop button and safety loop with warning lamps

    •     Timer for the main contactor

    •     Pushbuttons and indicators

    •     10-speed setpoint potentiometer for voltage adjustment

    •     Protection against short-circuit and overload of the output

    •     Digital measuring instruments V + A 96 x 48 mm in AC output

    •     Electronic control of all three phases for voltage stabilization

    •     Mobile electronic housing

  • REOLAB 330

    REO Three-phase supply with separate winding

    REOLAB 330
    • Corriente de salida: 12 - 63 A


    This is the ideal answer for every laboratory requiring a galvanic separation for manual or automatic voltage adjustment.


    • Power switch with magnetic and thermal cut-out

    • Main contactor for operational switching of transformers

    • Secondary contactor On/Off

    • Emergency switch

    • Pushbutton and indicator lamp for operation

    • Outputs protected against short-circuit and overload

    • Analog meters for V & A in the output

    • Electronically-controlled voltage stabilization

    • Forced zero-position for the variable transformer

    • Mains supply via CEE plug and approx. 3 m flexible lead

    • Outputs via laboratory safety sockets and CEE socket

    • 19-inch rack-mount units with aluminium front panels

    • Fixed & swivel castor wheels for mobility

  • REOLAB 423

    High voltage supply with AC-Output

    REOLAB 423
    • Tensión de entrada: 3x400 V
    • Potencia nominal: 0 - 150 kW/kVA


    The high-voltage supply unit is intended for testing current converters in the energy sector, as well as testing the entire auxiliary converters and switched power supply systems used in railway installations.


    • Conforms to: VDE 0552

    • Test voltage 3 kV for primary circuit

    • Protection IP 20

    • Ambient temperature: 40 °C


  • REOLAB 420

    REO DC High voltage supply unit

    REOLAB 420
    • Tensión de salida: 2400 - 7650 V
    • Corriente de salida: 20 - 50 A

    REO develops and manufactures with the series REOLAB 420 the ideal test system for the DC supply of railway or wind converters for higher power ratings.
    The REOLAB 420 test system is designed according to the machinery directive ; railway and and wind converters up to 600kW can be tested and documented via the REO Powerformer .

    For the series REOLAB 420 we supply electrical or compressed air operated switches. The grounding circuits are constructed in such way that the capacitor in the intermediate circuit is switched off.

    On request we will send you the exact operating instructions and technical description - or you can make an appointment with our technical engineer!


    Options :

    • AC output

    • UPS for emergency stop operation

    • Compressed air short-circuit mechanism

    • Forced air cooling ( water cooling )

    • Risk assessment

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